Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Sausage Maker Guide to Super Bowl Food

The Big Game is less than a week away, and while the Rams and Patriots are making final preparations for Super Bowl LIII, The Sausage Maker team has created a recipe game plan for hosting parties. Fans of the other 30 teams that came up short can still enjoy the game among friends and family and replace feelings of disappointment with delicious party food. If you’re still looking for crowd-pleasing menu items, try one- or all - of our favorite Super Bowl recipes below!

Players don’t jump into full-speed play without stretching and warmups, so why would the fans? One of the most important parts of a football party spread is the finger-food appetizers that can be enjoyed all game long. You likely have your favorite appetizers that include buffalo wings, chili and sliders, but why not add a new item to the mix?

Creamy Queso Blanco

Homemade queso dip is an easy-to-make game changer that can be customized with toppings of your choice. It all starts with white American cheese slices from the supermarket’s deli counter. Melt the cheese on low on a stovetop, stirring in milk until the cheese reaches its desired consistency. Be careful not to make it too thick, as it will harden as it cools. Next, pick your toppings. We recommend adding spicy guacamole right into the cheese for a one-two punch of deliciousness. We won’t get into the homemade guac debate now, but you can’t go wrong with avocado, jalapenos, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime and salt (garlic optional). We’ve found the more wrinkles or stretch marks on the jalapeno peppers, the spicier they are. Choose smooth shiny peppers for a milder flavor. Looking to eat meat in every dish? Add bacon bits to the creamy white queso.

Venison Jerky
Venison Jerky DIY

If you’ve had a successful deer season and have a freezer full of meat, jerky makes a crowd-pleasing snack for any game day. Jerky does take several days to marinate and prepare, so get started soon! Meat slicers help speed up the processing time and create uniform-sized pieces - a must for consistent jerky. Choose your favorite jerky seasonings, or experiment with a new spice mix! Beginner jerky makers can get results with a conventional oven, but we prefer using a food dehydrator with trays for great-tasting natural meat snacks. Kick up your venison jerky with a favorite hot-sauce marinade. For more jerky-making tips, visit our jerky page.

Every guest has his or her own strategy for in-game grazing. Some prefer to munch on chips and dips throughout, while others opt for an all-liquid diet. Looking for a fan-friendly main dish you can prep hours before the game? You can never go wrong with a serving of brats and sausage.

Brats & Sausage
brats and

If you’re new here, bratwurst refers to a specific type of link sausage from Germany and is typically made with pork and veal. Sausage is a general term for minced meat mixed with herbs, spices, fat and salt. Let’s not get hung up on the details - what you need to know is either choice is delicious and can be made at home or picked up from a local butcher shop. At-home sausage making can be done hundreds of ways; browse our selection of high-temp cheeses and seasoning blends for a tasty sausage mix. Whether you opt to grill or smoke sausage, the toppings are just as important when making links at home. Skip soft rolls; instead, choose four tortillas or a hard roll that can stand up to the juicy sausage. Grilled bell peppers and onions (we prefer white or yellow) and your favorite mustard are a must but don’t forget the bacon bits or sauerkraut toppers.

Whatever dish you decide to serve, make sure to get the cooking done early before kickoff so you can enjoy the game and your company! We almost forgot - running out of chips is not an option and will result in a major party foul. So stock up on extra potato and tortilla chips. Find other recipes for the game on our DIY food recipes page.