Thursday, April 6, 2017

Making Polish Sausage at Home

Our recipe for Fresh Polish Sausage for an Easter dinner

As you begin planning your Easter dinner, your mind may immediately jump to the traditional “centerpiece” ham, lamb or chicken. But don’t forget the sausage! While we do have some fabulous recipes and supplies for Easter ham, this tutorial will help you pay tribute to the Polish Easter with a sausage that is an indispensable part of a traditional holiday meal in Poland and far beyond.

While this recipe is for Fresh Polish Sausage, you can adjust it for any Fresh sausage recipe. This simple tutorial will walk you through every step of the Polish sausage-making process, from meat purchasing considerations to the very end (although the serving and enjoying part is all you!):

What you will need:

Supplies for making Polish sausages: pork butt, meat grinder & more

Buying the Meat: 

We need a good marbled cut that will give us about 80/20. For our purposes, the best cut is the Boston Butt (the top portion of the shoulder, above the picnic). For this recipe we need only 10 pounds - and since we want full control over the content, we will not order the cut ground, but whole. We can do the grinding to our desired consistency later.

cubing a marbled meat cut for sausage making


Finished cubes of meat for sausage making

Now, we are going to cut the meat into approximately 1” cubes. We used a razor-sharp ceramic knife, but any sharp knife will work. This meat has enough marbling to discard much of the surface fat, so we will carefully cut the thicker pieces off and toss them out. Then it’s time to pass the cubes through the meat grinder, using a 3/8” or 1/2” plate for a coarse grind.

Grinding your cubed meat with a meat grinder for Polish sausage

With the meat ground and evenly laying in our mixing bowl/lug, we thoroughly disperse the seasoning and one cup of cold water into the meat mass and mix for approximately 5 minutes until the ingredients are evenly distributed. The meat should become a grayish, sticky, cement-like mixture, which indicates a proper development of myocin proteins. It will look more appetizing later, we promise!
A ground sausage mix for Polish sausage


Ground sausage meat with seasoning for a Polish sausage

The Hog Casings should be soaked in water for at least one hour prior to applying. For convenience, we used Pre-Tubed casings; after soaking, these versatile casings are much easier to apply to a tube. So with our stuffer packed with our freshly ground and freshly mixed sausage meat, we crank the sausage through and link at our desired length.

Polish sausage links, finished

Our Financial Savings Breakdown: 

  • The Boston Butt (or Shoulder) was purchased at $1.80 per pound, so our purchase of ten pounds totals $18.00 
  • The Polish Sausage Seasoning totals $6.99 
  • 32-35MM Hog Casings @ 30% of package totals $7.20

The total for ten pounds of homemade sausage (approximately 30 links): $32.19, breaking down to $3.22/lb, or $1.07 per link. Not a bad deal for an Easter feast that could easily keep 15 people well-fed.

Sausages in stores or delis normally cost over $5 per pound, making the amount we just made at least $50 total. Remember that making it yourself also gives you complete control over the ingredients (brand names often include additives/preservatives/binders/extenders), meat cut, fat content, freshness of product, and the pride of making a unique, homemade food.

Serve up with some potatoes, grilled vegetables, sauerkraut, or peppers and onions, and enjoy!